‘The Tan’ – My Review.

Every single day for the past 15 or so, my phone has been sounding daily reminders which inform me that I am on “day 12″ of my ’30 Day Abs Challenge”. Yes, I am as lazy as sin but I’ve found a solution – I can’t tone it so I will tan it instead.

I was recently sent a bottle of ‘The Tan’s Super Hydrating Liquid Gel Tan’ to sample and review for you all. Now, you probably already know that I am the palest girl in the parish so, I use false tan fairly regularly. This means that I have become pretty critical so, if the formula isn’t perfect, I don’t want it. However, ‘The Tan’ ticked all my boxes.

‘The Tan’ is the brainchild of Jennifer Butler and Jennifer Swaine, owners of the Vanity Rooms salon in Dublin. They’re experts in their field, so obviously I expected this formula to be flawless. It promises a golden bronze colour without the hideous scent associated with false tan but, does it deliver?

You know that my seal of approval is difficult to gain, but The Tan has it 100%. I am in love with the perfect shade, watermelon scent and streak-free appearance of the formula. And, the best part is that the product is really hydrating. It contains hyaluronic acid, shea butter and sunflower oil so you don’t even need to apply moisturiser before application.

Check out my before and after:

This particular product retails at €22.99 which is pretty pricey but you need only use a small amount per application. After all the compliments I received whilst attending the Ed Sheeran concert in Croke Park this weekend, I will definitely be popping into the Vanity Rooms to try the professional spray version of the formula.

Why not visit The Tan’s website and check it out for yourself?

As always, let me know what you think!

Rouge x

I’m in Love with that Cocoa.

A golden goddess I am not. Queen of the ginger gene, I’m confident in my pale skin but sometimes I need to bare my legs and honestly, those milk bottles need all the help they can get! So it’s self tanning to the rescue and I have found the most perfect option out there. Cocoa Brown are an Irish company and therefore experts in all things pale and ghostly. This tan was developed to provide a glow that’s bronze and beautiful so you never look like you’ve rolled in a packet of Doritos. Rejoice! 


I use the ‘1 Hour Tan Mousse’ in the shade dark. Applied 12 hours after exfoliating, shaving and moisturising this formula applies like a dream. It’s easy to see upon application so streaks are banished. It’s not sticky nor is it smelly like other tanning products I’ve tried. See photos below for results:







Always apply with a tanning glove. I usually wash off after 3 hours and apply a nice scented moisturiser before going out. Available at €7.95 in pharmacies nationwide, this is a worthwhile purchase. 

Rouge x