Mothers’ Day Gift Ideas

“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.” – Agatha Christie.



With Mothers’ Day just around the corner, I hope you’ve been saving your pennies! For most of us, our Mums are the only people in our lives that we can depend on, no matter what. But often, we take their help and guidance for granted. So, show Mum a little appreciation on March 26th, whether you cook dinner for her or buy her a gorgeous gift. For those of us who appreciate the materialistic element of giving; here’s a little list of ideas.



Acorelle “Lotus Dream” Eau De ParfumAvailable Here:


V Claire Acorelle Perfume

“Acorelle” is a fragrance brand that originates in France and sells 100% natural and certified organic fragrances. Now, I would be the first to admit that I have no intention of giving up my Tom Ford “Black Orchid” scent but, when it was brought to my attention just how many chemical nasties are in the formula of some of my beloved high-end perfumes, it made me think twice about wearing them on a daily basis. “Lotus Dream” is a really fresh, relaxing fragrance that has now become my daytime “go-to” perfume and, I think it’s one that Mums will love. The perfume has notes of lavender, cumin and litsea which create a calming scent which is reminiscent of an Atlantic Ocean breeze.

Sharleen Collins Make Up Academy “Personal Make Up Lesson” – Information Here:


This is what my own Mum will be receiving for Mothers’ Day. For €100, you can book your Mum in for a personal make up lesson in the newly launched Sharleen Collins Make Up Academy. The website describes the lesson as the following: “This is a one on one lesson with an artist where you bring your own make up bag and brushes.  Make Up Lesson is done in stages depending on your ability with step by step demonstration.  You will work with your own make up artist to create your desired look using your make up with recommended products. A face chart with the product recommendations will be filled out for you and to take away on the day“.

My Mum will love this gift because she has so much make up, and not a clue how to use the majority of it. Plus, I really like the fact that you bring your own make up to the Academy, so you won’t have to purchase many new products to work with.

The Westin “Most Peculiar Afternoon Tea” – Information Here:

Westin Afternoon Tea

Image via Pinterest


I’m a self-confessed afternoon tea addict. It’s one of the nicest ways imaginable to pass a Saturday or Sunday afternoon and I guarantee that your Mum will love it! I’ve tried almost every luxury hotel in Dublin and to date, the nicest tea that I have found has been at the Westin. The “Most Peculiar” afternoon tea is a feast of different flavours and rather than being served with the traditional tea/coffee, it’s served with a gorgeous “Victorian Mojito”, made with Hendrick’s gin. However, if your Mum would prefer the more traditional version of afternoon tea, the Westin have that on offer too – and you can add a glass of champagne for an extra treat.



An Image Skincare Facial – Information Here:


Image Skincare

After a consultation with Jennifer Rock (aka the Skin Nerd), I have become a big fan of Image Skincare and LOVE their “Prevention+” range. A facial is always a good idea and giving your Mum a voucher for one is a great way to pamper her for Mothers’ Day. If you’re one of Rouge Writing Hood’s Cavan based followers, I recommend checking out a new salon in Bailieborough, Essential Beauty Skin and Laser. This gorgeous new salon are offering Image facials at an introductory price of just €60 for the month of March and that’s an absolute bargain when compared to the usual price of €80-€90 in Dublin based salons.

Yves Saint Laurent “Tint-In-Balm” Lipstick – Available Here:

YSL Tint-In-Balm

Take my word for it, this is the perfect lipstick for Mums who are always on the go. It’s subtle but pigmented and most importantly, it’s so comfortable to wear. Shade “No1 Dream Me Nude” is a gorgeous, universal shade that should suit all skin types. The “Tint-In-Balm” is a mango scented must have and after only a few days of use, it has become my “go to” lipstick for daytime wear. I will be keeping the matte lippies for nightwear from now on.

Clarins “Face Contouring Palette and Brush” – Available Here:

Clarins Sculpting Palette

I’m including this particular product because a few weeks ago, when I was kindly gifted this gorgeous palette, my own Mammy was very quick to lay claim to it. It’s still in my own make up drawer but I doubt it will stay there for too much longer. The shades in this palette are quite neutral and are suitable for those who don’t want an obvious “contour” look. The brush that is included with this palette is the perfect sized for traveling and it’s also really functional and allows the user to apply the powders with ease. I will have a full review of this contour palette up ASAP, but for now, I can assure you that it’s worth every cent of the €45 price point.

Bellamianta “Luxury Scented Candle” – Available Here:

Bellamianta Candle

If you’re working with a low budget but still want to spoil your Mum, this candle from Bellamianta is a great option. The scent of essential oils and bergamot create a really relaxing atmosphere, that will allow your Mum to chill out and undertake some at home pampering. Pair this with a great book and it’s absolute bliss..

Rouge x

Sugar Cubed – Salon Review.

Recently, I’ve been getting loads of compliments via social media regarding my hair. Growing up with ‘ginger’ hair was a bit of a stigma back in the school playground but now, I’m delighted I never took steps to colour it because it has become my crowning glory. When it comes to maintaining the healthy condition of my mane, I’ve been going to Sugar Cubed hair salon for years so when I popped in this week, I decided to document the experience for you all.


 Sugar Cubed, the sibling salon of well renowned Brown Sugar, is located just off Grafton Street. Amanda Darcy-Sloan is always my hairdresser of choice but really, she’s more of a hair wizard. Before Amanda took charge of my hair, I was unhappy with the length, texture and cut, regardless of the salon I visited. Now, I don’t even have to explain how I like my hair styled because I trust her judgement completely – she knows what suits me better than I know myself.
This weekend, I explained that my hair was feeling a little worse for wear. I hadn’t gotten it trimmed in months and the split ends were becoming more visible by the hour. My usually vibrant hair was dull and lacklustre – not exactly aspiring to my beauty blogging goals. Amanda took the time to listen to my concerns and recommended a conditioning treatment and the addition of new layers to give texture to my hair. We also decided to change the centre parting to a side one – something new for summer.


 Check out how healthy and glossy my hair looks after the cut! Amanda talked me through achieving a messy, ‘beach tousled’ blow dry and used an amazing product; ‘L’Oreal Professionnel Tecni-Art Beach Waves’ which can be purchased in the salon or online here at

What do you think of the new look? The best part is, my blow dry has lasted for two days so I got the entire weekend out of it – great for any party-goers out there. If you would like to know more about Sugar Cubed you can find their website here. I really recommend a visit and hope you love it as much as I do. 

Rouge x

Don’t Let Anyone With Bad Eyebrows Give You Life Advice – Touch and Glow Beauty Clinic.

Beauty experts worldwide have come to agree on the fact that brows are the frame to the face. And, you wouldn’t put a pretty picture in an ugly frame, now would you? Yesterday, I instagrammed a photo after getting my brows shaped and received quite a few queries regarding my chosen salon. So, here are the details.

touch and glow

My salon of choice is ‘Touch and Glow Beauty Clinic’ in Carrickmacross, Co.Monaghan. Founded by the lovely Charlene McMahon, ‘Touch and Glow’ is heaven for beauty lovers. They offer the most advanced treatments in the market ranging from the application of mink lashes to specialised skin treatments at surprisingly affordable prices. The ambience is sophisticated and relaxed, complemented by the scent of lemongrass floating throughout the salon.

This weekend, I visited ‘Touch and Glow’ for a treatment known as a ‘Brow Trio’. This involves the shaping and tinting of the brows along with the tinting of the eyelashes. My therapist, Patrice, took great care in listening to my requests and talked me through the process – the chit-chat provided a great distraction from the waxing element of the treatment. Delighted with the shape and colour of my brows, and no longer needing to layer mascara onto my lashes by the bucket load, I am one really happy customer. In this case, the proof is in the pudding/picture:

‘Touch and Glow’ also stock some fabulous beauty ranges from Dermalogica to Jane Iredale. So of course, I didn’t leave empty handed – reviews will follow as soon as I’ve had a chance to try the newbies in my collection.

For now, why not take a look at ‘Touch and Glow Beauty Clinic’s’ website and price list? You can find it here (there’s also a handy beauty tips section) :

Let me know if you decide to visit!

Rouge x

Life Isn’t Perfect But Your Hair Can Be. 

If you’ve read any of my latest posts, you have probably realised that I’m obsessed with haircare. My red hair is my crowning glory so I would never dare to colour it. Luckily, my friends are around to try new colours and salons – providing me with feedback to share with you all.

So, yesterday when my lovely friend Tanya set out for her new hairdressers with a balayage look in mind; I couldn’t wait to see how she got on! After weeks of deliberation (and a few too many episodes of Gossip Girl), she decided on a look something similar to this:

Now, it’s unusual to walk into a hairdressers with a picture and walk out looking exactly like said picture but I have to say that in this case, Archie’s Girls Hair and Nail Salon, had it covered. The salon is a new establishment, located on Ushers Quay. They offer great hair care at even better prices. Tanya paid just €65 for a cut and balayage treatment.

Before and after:

She tells me that the girls in the salon were really welcoming and accommodating. They offered her some great advice and took the time to listen to what she wanted. She was also in and out in record time, which is great for busy city girls! Delighted with the results, she’ll be sticking with Archie’s Girls for the foreseeable future.

And in fairness, she does look fabulous!

Let me know if you have any salon recommendations for us!

Rouge x