– My AW15 Wishlist.

Last week, I was lucky enough to be invited to Boohoo’s AW15 preview. The evening, hosted at Soder + Ko, Dublin’s newest ‘hot-spot’ was fabulous. The room was sprinkled with fashion, food and cocktails – the perfect recipe for any great event.

Unfortunately, I now have a wishlist which has reduced my bank account to tears. Yes, is a really affordable source of style, but not when you want to purchase everything you see – argh!! Here’s my top picks for the season:

Black Shirt Dress

First up, I have fallen for this chic shirt dress. It is simple, yet sophisticated and could be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Personally, I would pair this with some luxurious patterned tights, black stilettos and major sparkle for a night out. The dress includes a belt which may be tied to give the illusion of a clinched waist. Costing just €34.00, this piece is available here in a multitude of colours.

Black Sudette Jacket

I just couldn’t resist this ‘Suedette Biker Jacket’ and so, purchased it last night. This design offers a nice alternative from the ever-popular black leather jacket. I think that this one will be really cool with edgy dresses or skinny jeans and tees. It retails at €47.00 and is available to purchase here.

Navy and Pink Day Dress

My next pick is this cute skater dress. I adore the pretty pink and navy pattern and think this one would be perfect for casual wear. I would pair it with some over-the-knee boots, or grey/navy tights for the perfect A/W look. This dress is a bargain at €24 and you can find it here – I might just have to add this one to my own wardrobe.

Black Turtle Neck

Turtle neck tops seem to be really on trend this season. They’re on sale in every high street store, but Boohoo are pricing their’s at just €14 so stock up while you can. These tops can be paired with virtually anything and this one is available in seven colours here.

Kim Kardashian Style Coat

I am CRAZY about this coat! Reminiscent of Kim Kardashian’s style but for only €41 – where could you go wrong? This one is belted and looks really cosy for wrapping up during the cold weather. You can find it here.

Tulle Skirt

If you’re looking to swap your skinnies for a skirt, look no further. I love this tulle midi skirt with metallic detailing. It will really stand out from the crowd so if you’re looking to dress up, this one is perfect. You could pair it with a crop top as seen in the picture, or invest in a black bardot top or bodysuit if you want to avoid revealing your midriff. This piece has an elasticated waist, so it should hide a multitude of sins. It is €34 and available here.

Ok folks, that’s a wrap on my favourite pieces from for AW15. Let me know if you love them, or even hate them – I always like to hear your opinions.

Rouge x

“Back to College” – Daily Skincare Routine with ESPA.

College life can really take a huge toll on our skin. Greasy food, lack of sleep and lots of alcohol consumption can leave skin tired, dehydrated and prone to break-outs. Therefore, it is essential to maintain a good skincare routine.

I first discovered ESPA products at Castlemartyr Resort in County Cork, when my Mum went on holidays and brought back the gorgeous ‘Hydrating Cleansing Milk’. So, when ESPA kindly offered to send me some sample sized goodies to try out, I jumped at the chance. I have been using said products religiously for approximately 3-4 weeks and can honestly say, that ESPA will be my ‘go-to’ skincare brand in the future – I am in love!


So let’s talk about the skincare routine. First up, remove your make-up using the ‘Hydrating Cleansing Milk’. This product is very mild and soothing so, perfect for irritated skin. Before, introducing this cleanser to my routine, I was sampling quite a lot of products and my skin did not appreciate playing ‘guinea pig’ – it was sore, blotchy and prone to blemishes. This formula is filled with wholesome ingredients like sweet almond and soya bean oils so it will nourish dehydrated and damaged skin. Yes, I’m looking at you with the glass of wine in your hand!


Next up, add a little ‘Hydrating Floral Spafresh’ toner to some cotton wool and wipe face in a circular motion. This will remove the last bit of debris from skin and strip away any excess oil. It is also soothing on skin and is filled with rose extract. If you are on a very tight student budget, I think you could skip this step but if you want to pamper your skin, I would definitely include it.


One or twice a week, after cleansing and toning, I have been using ESPA’s ‘Optimal Skin ProSerum’. This is to be used at night when your skin is feeling especially worse for wear. It is enriched with omega and vitamins to rejuvenate skin, giving it a healthy glow. And, even more importantly, it promises to protect against early ageing. Trust me, you want to enjoy your time spent in college without having the wrinkles to show for it. Just note, that the facial oil can feel a little ‘slimy’, so I wouldn’t attempt to apply it underneath make-up.


Moisturising is a key element of any skincare regime and ESPA’s ’24 Hour Replenishing Moisturiser’ is a ‘holy grail’ product. It is filled with delicious ingredients such as frankincense and vitamins to help stimulate cell renewal. You only need to apply a ‘pea sized’ amount of this product to your skin, so I’d imagine that the full-sized version would last throughout your entire college year.


Finally, I complete my skincare routine by applying a tiny amount of ESPA’s ’24 Hour Replenishing Eye Moisturiser’ to the top of my cheek bone, just below the immediate eye area. The eye area is very sensitive because your skin tissue is much thinner, compared to the rest of your face. Therefore, regular moisturisers are too heavy to be used and a specific eye cream is essential to banish bags and dark circles. This is particularly handy during exam season when ‘all-nighters’ are the norm!

All in all, I think I have found my favourite skincare brand. Since undertaking this routine, I have noticed a huge improvement in my skin – it appears more firm and blotchy areas have been banished. ESPA isn’t cheap but then again, I have yet to find skincare products which are really luxurious yet available at a low price tag. I would recommend this routine for anyone with normal or dry, damaged and dehydrated skin. I will be posting a routine for oily skin in the next few days so stay tuned.

ESPA products are available online here, in Harvey Nichols or in selected spa resorts such as Castlemartyr Resort or Powerscourt Hotel.

Let me know what you think if you try the products.

Rouge x

Flormar Fabulous!

Ok, so anyone who is following me on Instagram or Twitter will know that I’ve become obsessed with Flormar, a brand who have just recently introduced themselves in Ireland. I’ve been posting little snippets of my favourites for weeks now, so today I’m going to share a full post reviewing my must-haves.


With contouring remaining a huge trend on the make-up scene, a good bronzer is an essential tool in any kit. Check out Flormar’s ‘Bronzing Powder Face and Body’. Those of us who don’t tan will know that finding the correct shade of bronzer is a tough task, unless you favour the oompa loompa look. However, this Flormar powder is available in a perfectly subtle shade for fair skinned folk – result! The RRP of the bronzer is €9.95 and because it is positively huge in size, the value for money is insane. I’ve been using the product by applying it to the hollows of my cheeks with an angled contouring brush.

Flormar Lip gloss
Next up, I am madly in love with the ‘Long Wearing Lip Gloss’ in the shade ‘Backstage’. When I first received this colour in a goodie bag, I was majorly apprehensive of the super bright shade. However, I quickly learned that the formula can be layered for desired colour intensity. At €5.95, I couldn’t walk past one of these glosses in a pharmacy without picking it up.
Flormar Primer
Finally, we have my favourite Flormar product. This ‘Illuminating Primer Make-Up Base’ is liquid gold. I’ve tested it for both day-time and night-time wear and love the results. The formula creates a smooth base for make-up application. It is super hydrating and evens out dry patches while retaining a mattifying effect on skin. The best part is that the primer ensures that make-up remains on the skin for an extended period of time, eliminating the need for foundation touch ups. At €9.95, this product will be replacing more high-end versions in my make-up kit.

Here’s a look at the three products discussed upon application:

Flormar products are available in selected pharmacies nationwide and online at What do you think? Will you be purchasing?

Rouge x

‘The Tan’ – My Review.

Every single day for the past 15 or so, my phone has been sounding daily reminders which inform me that I am on “day 12″ of my ’30 Day Abs Challenge”. Yes, I am as lazy as sin but I’ve found a solution – I can’t tone it so I will tan it instead.

I was recently sent a bottle of ‘The Tan’s Super Hydrating Liquid Gel Tan’ to sample and review for you all. Now, you probably already know that I am the palest girl in the parish so, I use false tan fairly regularly. This means that I have become pretty critical so, if the formula isn’t perfect, I don’t want it. However, ‘The Tan’ ticked all my boxes.

‘The Tan’ is the brainchild of Jennifer Butler and Jennifer Swaine, owners of the Vanity Rooms salon in Dublin. They’re experts in their field, so obviously I expected this formula to be flawless. It promises a golden bronze colour without the hideous scent associated with false tan but, does it deliver?

You know that my seal of approval is difficult to gain, but The Tan has it 100%. I am in love with the perfect shade, watermelon scent and streak-free appearance of the formula. And, the best part is that the product is really hydrating. It contains hyaluronic acid, shea butter and sunflower oil so you don’t even need to apply moisturiser before application.

Check out my before and after:

This particular product retails at €22.99 which is pretty pricey but you need only use a small amount per application. After all the compliments I received whilst attending the Ed Sheeran concert in Croke Park this weekend, I will definitely be popping into the Vanity Rooms to try the professional spray version of the formula.

Why not visit The Tan’s website and check it out for yourself?

As always, let me know what you think!

Rouge x

Prime Time with Rimmel London.

Welcome to my first ever “empties” post. I rarely use up an entire beauty product, mainly because I’m constantly buying new ones, so I thought this purchase was definitely worth sharing. Meet Rimmel’s ‘Match Perfection Fix and Perfect Primer’:


This gem is an affordable alternative to high-end primers and has just as much to offer. I use this primer by applying the formula and allowing it to dry before layering foundation over it. It smoothes skin, allowing for the application of flawless make-up which definitely lasts longer than usual. I have been using this in the morning before work and my make-up is for the most part intact when I leave at the end of the day. My pores are also less noticeable. As for the mattifying claim, I would layer a loose powder over any day-time foundation as well as using primer.
This is how my make-up appeared after approx 8 hours of wear:

This product costs approximately €8.85 in pharmacies nationwide. However, at the time of publishing it is on special offer in Boots at €6.35 and available here:

I have to say, I will be re-purchasing. Let me know if you try it!

Rouge x

Eye Want Those Lashes.

Unfortunately, those of us with fair hair know well what it’s like to have invisible eyelashes. When I leave the house without multiple layers of mascara I’m generally met with a chorus of “oh my god, are you feeling sick?”. Yes that’s how I look without my make-up – malnourished.

So, here is my favourite ‘daytime’ mascara of the moment – L’Oreal’s ‘Mega Volume Collagene Mascara’ (€13.49). Available at pharmacies nationwide.

I’m a big fan of L’Oreal mascaras because they’ve always held their own when compared to high-end, expensive alternatives. This particular one is my favourite because it’s all about the volume. I can easily double coat my lashes without clumping and the formula is a ‘blacker-than-black’ shade.

Use this mascara by placing the wand at the root of your lashes and moving upwards and outwards with a wriggling movement.



A really noticeable difference with no flaking throughout the day. I think I’ll be re-purchasing this one!

Rouge x

I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.

In recent times, coconut oil has become the holy grail of ‘multi-purpose’ beauty products. Celebrities everywhere are crediting it for their good looks and I’m a sucker for a celebrity secret. So a few weeks ago, I popped to my local Cara Pharmacy and picked up Ultrapure Labratories’s ‘100% Pure Coconut Oil’ (approx €5).

Now, there’s nothing fancy about this packaging – it’s clean and simple, like the ingredients. Fragrance free, it should be suitable for all skin types. This is how I’ve been using it:

1) Coconut oil is a nifty eye make-up remover. Just place on a cotton bud and sweep across hard-to-remove eyeliners and mascara.

2) This product is a great chemical free hair mask. Just rub throughout the ends of hair (avoiding the roots) and leave for an hour to soak in. Then wash hair as usual. Hair will feel softer and appear more healthy.

3) I’ve ditched the high-end moisturiser and substituted if for this natural formula. Just melt the product between hands and use it as an all over body moisturiser. A top tip here is to rub a little on legs before a night out in a dress to create shiny Beyoncesque limbs.

4) Coconut oil is great for banishing blemishes. Just apply a little to the affected area before sleeping and the anti-bacterial formula will work wonders.

5) Coconut oil works well as a lip balm.

That is what I call multi-purpose! The Coconut Oil that I purchased is not tested on animals and is made in Ireland.

Let me know if you know any more ways to use this wonder product!

Rouge x

White Buns Only Look Good On Hamburgers.

A new review from what has become my ritual ‘self-tanning Sunday’. This week I tried a product which was entirely new to me and I was pleasantly surprised. Usually, I dislike ‘liquid tan’, preferring a nice mousse formula like Cocoa Brown’s but after receiving He-Shi’s ‘Express Liquid Tan’ as a gift from my generous auntie, I said I’d give it a go.

This tan comes in a 300ml bottle at a very high-end price. I shopped around for you all and as usual, my trusty Cara Pharmacy has provided the cheapest price at €40. Available here:

So, the tan itself is a liquid formula which promises to bronze in an odourless, streak free manner. My steps for application wee was follows:

1) Shave legs at least 4 hours before tanning and cover body in a light moisturiser (I used natural coconut oil).

2) Apply tan using a tanning mitt, in a circular motion to avoid streaking. Use a generous amount of tan to create a noticeable glow.

3) Mix three drops of the tan with a generous amount of a light facial moisturiser (I used three pumps of Benefit’s ‘Triple Performing Facial Emulsion’). Apply evenly to the face and neck.

4) Allow tan to develop (I left it overnight).



To be honest when I woke up this morning, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But, oh my god – it’s glorious! My new holy grail of tanning – expensive but very worthwhile. The tan is indeed odourless and streak-free. I look like I’ve just come home from a week in Spain and it has me smiling from ear to ear.

I intend to cover with a layer of illuminating moisturiser tonight – will post pictures on Twitter tomorrow. Let me know what you think.

Rouge x

On Wednesdays We Wear Pink.

Pink can be a tough colour for us redheads to pull off. It’s all about the correct shade, sheen and formula. Otherwise, we clash like navy and black. Usually, I steer clear of bright pinks but rules are made to be broken.

My newest lipstick love is Mac’s ‘Crosswires’. It’s available in Brown Thomas and BT2 stores nationwide or online (€19.50).

It’s a lovely hydrating formula with a very strong pigment which leaves a nice long-lasting stain. It doesn’t bleed or feather so I haven’t even used a liner with it.

Rouge x

If You A Fly Girl Get Your Nails Done.

So yesterday myself and my little cousin had a girls’ day out in Dublin and what better way to spend it than by pampering ourselves?

Our first stop was ‘Tropical Popical’ on St William Street which is easily the coolest nailbar I’ve been to in the city. As soon as you walk in the door, you’re transported to a happy place – one of tropical beach themed interior alongside fruity beverages served in coconuts!

The best part is, it doesn’t matter if you forget the SPF and it’s much cheaper than hopping on a plane to Marbella! A file and polish only set us back €10. It must also be mentioned that the girls were lovely and really welcoming! Here’s how pretty my cousin’s nails turned out:

I hope to go back for a full set of gel nails soon so I’ll let you know how that goes too!

Rouge x