The 12 Pubs Of Christmas Jumper Guide.

In recent years, the alcohol fuelled adventure known as “The Twelve Pubs of Christmas” has become an honoured tradition amongst Irishmen nationwide. Party-goers can be spotted from miles off meandering from pub to pub sporting tinsel, baubles and most importantly, their Christmas jumpers. Christmas jumpers you say? Let the flashbacks of embarrassing Christmas ensembles, designed and produced by none other than your fabulous Granny and her knitting needles begin.

Nowadays, Christmas jumpers have become a little more chic – or at least, well-fitted. I have searched the internet far and wide to find an original design – because lets face it, at least 12 other people in your group will be sporting the exact same jumper from Primark – and, I have finally found the perfect website. Let me introduce you to  Funky Christmas Jumpers.

The Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian.jpg


This is my absolute favourite design but it is LIMITED EDITION, so if you want it, order it quickly. Kimmy K “broke the internet” earlier this year with this infamous naked pose for “Paper” magazine. So, this jumper is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Get ready for the selfies… This one is available here for €59.99. Perhaps a little pricey but, oh-so hilarious.

Wrecking Santa Jumper

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

Another celebrity spin-off, and this time Funky Christmas Jumpers have depicted scantily clad Santa Clause taking the place of Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. This one is available here for €39.99 and is sure to inspire a few chuckles, if not a sing-song or two.

Happy Birthday Jesus.

Happy Birthday Jesus Christmas

This tongue-in-cheek design was a best seller for Funky Christmas Jumpers last year. This wacky, yet wonderful jumper is a guaranteed head turner. But, I wouldn’t recommend wearing it to mass on Christmas morning. Available here for €39.99.

Naked Santa Christmas Jumper

Santa Christmas Jumper.jpg

If there’s a competition for the cheekiest Christmas jumper in your local pub, this one will be a winner. Available here for €39.99.

For these designs and many more, you can visit Funky Christmas Jumpers online.

Have you purchased your Christmas jumper yet or do you think that they’re old relics, best left in the past?

Let me know in the comments.

Rouge x


My Fall Favourites.

I was very kindly nominated by Sarah Jane of Siren and Soul to complete a list of questions about my fall favourites. I love these ‘ask and tag’ type posts because they give me a real opportunity to interact with other bloggers and our followers. Here goes:

Favourite Halloween Costume?

It took me awhile to hunt down this photograph. I once dressed up as Katy Perry and actually won €100 in my local nightclub. Granted, I probably spent that purchasing the sweets to super-glue on to the dress.


Favourite Candle?

I am obsessed with Yankee candles. They’re the only scented candles that produce a scent that lingers for a considerable amount of time. My favourite scents at the moment are from the ‘Out of Africa’ range – I’m loving ‘Serengeti Sunset’ in particular. It is a citrus and floral scent, perfect for Autumn.


Favourite Fall Movie?

I will admit that I am definitely not a film fanatic. But, ‘Dirty Dancing’ – always!


Favourite Lip Colour?

How can I pick just one? At the moment, I am loving Wet n Wild’s ‘Bare it All’. It retails at €1.99 and I find myself reaching for it more often than any of my high-end lipsticks.


Favourite Fall TV Show?

I love a good TV series so please leave any suggestions below. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is my favourite and ‘Gossip Girl’ will always have a place in my heart – mainly because Chuck Bass stole my entire heart!


Favourite Drink?

Is it too early for mulled wine? Never too early..


Favourite Thanksgiving Food?

There’s no Thanksgiving in Ireland but I am a huge fan of sweet potatoes with marshmallow crust. Now I’m starving!


Favourite Blush?

The weather is getting chilly so the majority of us will be seeing a natural pinch in our cheeks pretty soon. For that reason, I will probably be sticking to cream formula blush – perhaps MeMeMe’s ‘Boho Balm’. You can find my full review here – this one is a handbag essential.

Favourite Clothing Item?

I am MADLY in love with these boots from River Island. They’re €85 and worth every single cent. You can read more about them and view all my footwear picks for AW15 here.


Who I Tag? 

To continue the ‘Fall Favourites’ challenge – I want to nominate a few of my favourite bloggers. Check them out:

  1. The Pharmers Journal.
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  3. The Fashionista Observer.
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  5. Shawna Beauty.

Advice for my 18 Year Old ‘Fresher’ Self and Friends.

Having completed four years in third level education, I suddenly feel old and wise. I will of course be posting a series of articles relating to college style, make-up and skincare. But, first here’s a little advice that my friends and I could have done with back in the day:

1) Leave the school squabbles in the playground. Forgive, forget and if some *bish* stole your boyfriend during your ‘junior disco’ era, send her a thank you note and move on.

Forgive and forget

2) Your family are the best friends that you could ask for. They always have your back, even when you’re in the wrong! So, ring your grandmother every now and then – she probably misses you! 


3) When it comes to confidence – fake it until you make it! Stand up for what you believe in. Nobody respects a doormat.


4) Learn to do your make-up properly, but don’t wear it everyday. Irish girls have a tendency to cake their faces in foundation, but trust me, it isn’t attractive. Your skin needs to breath. I will be posting a few simple make-up looks over the next few days so stay tuned.

Too much make up

5) Good skincare is essential. If you don’t want a face that resembles a pizza, invest wisely in some good quality cleanser, toner, moisturiser and SPF. Sleep is also essential for maintaining healthy skin – so don’t feel too guilty about missing that 9am lecture! 


6) Speaking of pizza, eat as much as you like while your metabolism is still working. Mine has long since abandoned me and my only regret is not eating takeaway more often. P.s. it might be a good idea to start some kind of gym routine.


7) GO OUT! At some stage, you will have to work mid-week so Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights are best spent in a dive of a nightclub sipping shots of tequila with your buds. Also, dance like nobody is watching -literally. Here’s to the nights you won’t remember with the friends that you’ll never forget.

Nights Out

8) Figure out sooner rather than later that lots of water and a multi-vitamin before sleep is the key to easing that hangover. If you forget or pass out, a bacon sandwich the next morning is far more effective than painkillers.


9) Go to the odd lecture. However, if an adventure pops up as an alternative, remember that most lecturers post their notes online.


10) Abercrombie tracksuits are not the height of style – try to save them for exam study sessions when everyone else looks equally sloppy. Don’t dress to fit it, wear what suits you. 


11) Friends will leave, even best friends. Don’t invest too much energy in any one person. If they want to make time for you, they will. 

gossip girl

12) Your friends are usually right – you won’t change the “bad guy/girl”, but you’ll have fun trying. 

Taylor Swift

13) The new friends that you make in college, will provide the best memories that you take with you when you leave. You will even look back fondly on the nights that you stayed up together until 3am cramming for exams. 


14) Travel, travel, travel. If you can, find a job in a hotel which is part of an international chain. Said job will be hell on earth, but the discount will be worth every second. 


15) If you’re going to participate in the J1 programme (which you definitely should), do so SINGLE and carefree. Don’t spend one single second missing home, you’ll be there for long enough. 


16) You are responsible for your own happiness so claim it, work it and own it! 


Let me know if you have any advice to add in the comments!

Rouge x

Follow The Hollow.

Contouring is a tricky skill to master. It’s all about applying the products at the right angles to highlight your best natural features. Killer cheekbones, anyone? Contouring with cream formulas like concealer can look obvious and unnatural so I like to stick with powder formulas.

This is Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Filmstar Bronze and Glow’ sculpting powder (€65). Here, we are provided with a beautiful champagne coloured highlighter and a nice matte bronzer. The formula is buildable and blends well so it’s suitable for even the most pale of us.
While contouring, a good brush is essential – I recommend a Real Technique’s contouring brush. For a daytime look – I start by applying the bronzer to the hollow underneath my cheekbone. Drag the brush directly from your ear and follow the hollow. It’s that simple. Blend upwards.

Then dust some bronzer very lightly across your temples and jawline. Next, use the highlighter above cheekbones, on the cupids bow of your lips and straight down your nose.

I like to finish with a dusting of translucent powder and a pop of blush.



Have you got any of your own contouring tips?

Rouge x

Eye Want Those Lashes.

Unfortunately, those of us with fair hair know well what it’s like to have invisible eyelashes. When I leave the house without multiple layers of mascara I’m generally met with a chorus of “oh my god, are you feeling sick?”. Yes that’s how I look without my make-up – malnourished.

So, here is my favourite ‘daytime’ mascara of the moment – L’Oreal’s ‘Mega Volume Collagene Mascara’ (€13.49). Available at pharmacies nationwide.

I’m a big fan of L’Oreal mascaras because they’ve always held their own when compared to high-end, expensive alternatives. This particular one is my favourite because it’s all about the volume. I can easily double coat my lashes without clumping and the formula is a ‘blacker-than-black’ shade.

Use this mascara by placing the wand at the root of your lashes and moving upwards and outwards with a wriggling movement.



A really noticeable difference with no flaking throughout the day. I think I’ll be re-purchasing this one!

Rouge x

You’ve Got It Glowing On.

It’s true what they say; beauty is only skin deep. So, you better take care of that skin!

As summer approaches, we all need to make changes to our skincare routine. And, Irish weather permitting, turning off the central heating means easing up on heavy moisturiser. Nobody wants a face that resembles an oil slick.

Last Summer, while I was living in London, the heat was too much for my dehydrated skin so I popped to my local Benefit counter. There, a fabulous Benebabe recommended I try their ‘Triple Performing Facial Emulsion’ (€31.50). This product is a lightweight, oil-free moisturiser with SPF 15.

Available here at:

I love this product because it rehydrates skin without leaving an oily residue. It soaks in quickly making it perfect for a quick morning make-up routine. Massage into skin and neck using a circular motion – I find two or three pumps is an adequate amount meaning the bottle will last ages. The lotion should leave your skin glowing and flake feel. The formula is slightly scented so those who have sensitive skin should sample before purchase.

Have you tried any of the other products in the Benefit skincare range?

Rouge x

I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts.

In recent times, coconut oil has become the holy grail of ‘multi-purpose’ beauty products. Celebrities everywhere are crediting it for their good looks and I’m a sucker for a celebrity secret. So a few weeks ago, I popped to my local Cara Pharmacy and picked up Ultrapure Labratories’s ‘100% Pure Coconut Oil’ (approx €5).

Now, there’s nothing fancy about this packaging – it’s clean and simple, like the ingredients. Fragrance free, it should be suitable for all skin types. This is how I’ve been using it:

1) Coconut oil is a nifty eye make-up remover. Just place on a cotton bud and sweep across hard-to-remove eyeliners and mascara.

2) This product is a great chemical free hair mask. Just rub throughout the ends of hair (avoiding the roots) and leave for an hour to soak in. Then wash hair as usual. Hair will feel softer and appear more healthy.

3) I’ve ditched the high-end moisturiser and substituted if for this natural formula. Just melt the product between hands and use it as an all over body moisturiser. A top tip here is to rub a little on legs before a night out in a dress to create shiny Beyoncesque limbs.

4) Coconut oil is great for banishing blemishes. Just apply a little to the affected area before sleeping and the anti-bacterial formula will work wonders.

5) Coconut oil works well as a lip balm.

That is what I call multi-purpose! The Coconut Oil that I purchased is not tested on animals and is made in Ireland.

Let me know if you know any more ways to use this wonder product!

Rouge x

A Woman is Helpless Only While Her Nail Polish is Drying.

Earlier this week I picked up a few products at my local Boots and found an absolute gem. I’m a big fan of perfectly manicured nails and so purchased a few new nail polishes. My favourite of the bunch is Barry M’s ‘Gelly Hi-Shine’ polish in ‘Prickly Pear’ (€5.99).

I’m currently wearing acrylic nails but change the colour every few days. I’ve had this polish and a generic gold glitter polish on for 48 hrs with a Barry M topcoat and there isn’t a chip in sight.

It’s a beautiful colour for summer – the picture shows two coats on each nail. It was my first time trying Barry M but I’ll definitely be back for more! Available here (Buy 1 get the 2nd Free offer on publishing this review):

Rouge x

Tilbury Treats.

A few too many Netflix marathons of the ‘Good Wife’ have left me lusting after that brown-nude 90s lip that Alicia rocks so often!

With this sentiment and an absolute obsession with Charlotte Tilbury, I made a trip to Brown Thomas on Grafton Street to find my inner 90s chick. With the help of Morgan, a fabulous sales assistant, I picked up the following Tilbury combination:

1)  Lip liner in ‘Iconic Nude’ (€22).

2) Lipstick in ‘Hepburn Honey’ (€30).

3) Lipgloss in ‘High Society’ (€22).

All products can be found at:

This combination is perfect for those of us who watch our lips disappear upon applying a neutral lip colour. I am in love!

Rouge x