Flormar Fabulous!

Ok, so anyone who is following me on Instagram or Twitter will know that I’ve become obsessed with Flormar, a brand who have just recently introduced themselves in Ireland. I’ve been posting little snippets of my favourites for weeks now, so today I’m going to share a full post reviewing my must-haves.


With contouring remaining a huge trend on the make-up scene, a good bronzer is an essential tool in any kit. Check out Flormar’s ‘Bronzing Powder Face and Body’. Those of us who don’t tan will know that finding the correct shade of bronzer is a tough task, unless you favour the oompa loompa look. However, this Flormar powder is available in a perfectly subtle shade for fair skinned folk – result! The RRP of the bronzer is €9.95 and because it is positively huge in size, the value for money is insane. I’ve been using the product by applying it to the hollows of my cheeks with an angled contouring brush.

Flormar Lip gloss
Next up, I am madly in love with the ‘Long Wearing Lip Gloss’ in the shade ‘Backstage’. When I first received this colour in a goodie bag, I was majorly apprehensive of the super bright shade. However, I quickly learned that the formula can be layered for desired colour intensity. At €5.95, I couldn’t walk past one of these glosses in a pharmacy without picking it up.
Flormar Primer
Finally, we have my favourite Flormar product. This ‘Illuminating Primer Make-Up Base’ is liquid gold. I’ve tested it for both day-time and night-time wear and love the results. The formula creates a smooth base for make-up application. It is super hydrating and evens out dry patches while retaining a mattifying effect on skin. The best part is that the primer ensures that make-up remains on the skin for an extended period of time, eliminating the need for foundation touch ups. At €9.95, this product will be replacing more high-end versions in my make-up kit.

Here’s a look at the three products discussed upon application:

Flormar products are available in selected pharmacies nationwide and online at Simplyfoxy.com. What do you think? Will you be purchasing?

Rouge x

Flormar Nailspiration – New Brand Launches in Ireland.

News just in announces that make-up brand, Flormar, are due to arrive on Irish shores within the next few weeks – cosmetic addicts countrywide rejoice! I’ve been hearing great things about the brand which is majorly popular in other European countries so, I expect that the Irish ladies will love it. Affordable, yet fabulous – the brand offers fun and fresh cosmetics that won’t break the bank. Flormar started out as a nail polish manufacturer in Milan way back in 1970, so we expect their polish to be picture perfect. Here’s a sneak preview courtesy of Rachel Dalton Communications:

First up, we have the neutral shade ‘Purr Cat’. Neutral nail polish is perfect for girls on the go – it matches absolutely everything. I wore this formula for a total of three days, chip-free, before swiftly removing it to try another colour.

Next up, we have a matte formula in the the shade ‘White Board’. Personally, I think I’m a little too pale to rock white nail polish but I imagine that this one would be gorgeous with a summer tan. After 2 – 3 coats, this polish retained a really strong pigmentation.

Finally, we have my favourite. This one is Flormar’s quick drying formula in the shade ‘Bright Coral’. Anyone who knows me will know that I am obsessed with all shades of red – it is definitely my power colour. ‘Bright Coral’ is eye-catching, bright and really funky. I will be wearing this one all week!

Excuse the very short and weakened state of my nails, they’re suffering post acrylic extensions at the moment.

One little note about this product that must be made is that you should be careful and cover surfaces when applying the polish. Although the brush is really easy to use for an even application, it does allow for ‘dripping’ so, mind the furniture.

I’ve heard through the grapevine that Carla Jackson, sister of the fabulous Suzanne, will be brand ambassador for Flormar when it does arrive in Ireland and if I can achieve her fabulous contour with the products, I will be buying them by the bucket-load.

What do you think?

Rouge x

CND Vinylux Weekly Polish – Review.

As many of you will already know, I recently had my acrylic nail extensions removed. Although I loved them dearly, my natural nails were squealing for mercy. Acrylic extensions often weaken nails and cause them to split and become damaged so I’m giving mine a little time to repair. However, this doesn’t mean I am willing to go without nail polish – not even for a single day!
CND Cake Pop
I’ve always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with nail polish. I love the freshly manicured look but I hate chipped polish more than I hate the sound of fingernails on a chalk board. It looks messy and unprofessional but, that’s where CND Vinylux Weekly Polish steps in to save the day. I was introduced to the brand in my local salon and admittedly scoffed at the idea of long lasting nail polish which doesn’t require UV light to dry. Boy, was I wrong.

I’ve had my nail polish on for over 7 days and even in their weakened state, my nails don’t possess a single chip as of yet. I chose the colour ‘Cake Pop’ which is a pretty powdered pink – perfect for summer. The polish doesn’t require a base or top coat according to the manufacturers but my salon did apply a top coat, to be on the safe side. The formula takes approximately 8-10 minutes to dry completely and the best part is, it can be removed using regular nail polish remover – no more pesky acetone soaked foils.

Irish supplier Dolledup.ie stock CND weekly polish at €11.95 per unit. ‘Cake Pop’ can be found here. Let me know if you try it.

Cocoa Brown – Chocolate Whip Review.

Chocolate is cheaper than therapy, and you don’t need an appointment.

Last week, Kylie Jenner declared herself a fan of Irish beauty brand Cocoa Brown and launched the internet into tanning hysteria. So, we already know that the tan is one of the best (and my personal favourite) on the market but, what about Cocoa Brown’s ‘Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser’? Some moisturising products react badly with false tan by breaking down the particles, causing it to fade unevenly from the skin. However, Marissa Carter claims her formula will “extend the life of your tan and ensure an even fade”.

First and foremost – the scent. Dear lord, I’ve died and gone to beauty heaven. This moisturiser smells exactly like sweet chocolate which is wonderfully luscious, unless you’re starving of course. This formula will make you smell good enough to eat so be cautious about slathering it on if you’re considering a visit to Coppers!


 The consistency of the formula is light-weight, smooth and it is slightly beige in colour. Due to the fact that it’s an ‘oil-free’ product, it absorbs quickly so there’s no sticky residue. ‘Chocolate Whip’ is not only hydrating but also nourishing for the skin because it contains ingredients such as Vitamin E and panthenol which are known to strengthen skin.

I’ve been using ‘Chocolate Whip’ as my daily moisturiser for approximately two weeks and have noticed a visible difference in my skin which is now softer and glowing. I also like to use the formula before and after applying false tan because it helps extend the life of the colour and allows the particles to break-down and fade evenly. I will definitely be re-purchasing.

Cocoa Brown By Marissa Carter Chocolate Whip Oil-Free Body Moisturiser (€4.99 for 200ml) is available in Penneys, Primark, Boots Ireland, Tesco Ireland, Heatons, Superdrug, pharmacies nationwide and online via Cloud10Beauty.com & FeelUnique.com.

Have you tried ‘Chocolate Whip’? If so, I’d love to hear your feedback!

Rouge x

I have the Simplest Tastes, I am Always Satisfied with the Best. – “Taste of Dublin” Festival 2015.

Article brought to you by Jessica Wilkie, otherwise self-proclaimed ‘Silkie Wilkie’ – best friend, ticket taker and now, beginner blogger.

As a first time explorer at the “Taste of Dublin” festival, I can wholeheartedly say I was not disappointed. Thanks to Evoke.ie, we were lucky enough to visit on Thursday afternoon and as pale and light-lusting Irish folk, we were delighted to experience a beautiful sunny day for this annual outdoor event. A taste of Dublin which is hosted in the Iveagh Gardens, is a delicious array of marquees offering food and drinks from bars, cafes and restaurants around Dublin. As we wandered through the gardens, we were greeted with tent after tent of mouth-watering delights inviting us to graze at will like gastronomic dinosaur with insatiable appetites. If you are sceptical about whether or not this event is really your scene – I can assure you that “Taste of Dublin” has a little something for everyone.

Have you got a sweet tooth? If so, walking past stalls like that of the “Dublin Cookie Co.” without having an irresistible urge to grab all the cookies and run for the nearest escape will be next to impossible. How can any girl walk past a tray of macaroons without sneaking over for a nibble in true Blair Waldorf fashion? Or, if like me, your heart starts melting at the prospect of melting chocolate then “Choc Allure” is the place for you. A cup filled with strawberries, toffee and marshmallows, smothered in milk chocolate needs nothing other than some peace and quiet to selfishly indulge yourself in it.

If, your taste buds tickle for food of the savoury variety then the world is your oyster. I decided to take this phrase quite literally and sampled the oysters from “Lobster Rock”. For some it’s an acquired taste and for me, the experience was a little more ‘Mr Bean’s Holiday’ than the ‘Birth of Venus’ – I can safely say that I’ll stick with chocolate as my preferred aphrodisiac.  We followed the oysters with some lobster rolls which were delicious lobster cocktails packed inside brioche baps.  The lobster was soft and fresh, cushioned by the sweet bread of the brioche. It was as tantalisingly tasty as it was well cooked and left me content in the knowledge that Sebastian hadn’t been sacrificed for nothing.

The reality was that “Taste of Dublin” had a food for every mood.  There was a great spectacle of restaurants catering for every taste; moving from the oriental “Asian Market”, to gastropub “Chophouse”, to modern day bistro “Pichet”. And with chefs such as Rachel Allen and Edward Hayden appearing in the “Tattinger Tent” and the “Electrolux Taste Theatre” I got a real sense that these people are passionate about what they do and it really translates into their cooking.

If you enjoy a liquid lunch, then brace yourself for some tough decisions as you move around the market. “Taste of Dublin” has it all from craft beer and cider to champagne and prosecco. The cocktails from ‘KOH’ were so vibrant and creative that macho men scattered through the market were left ‘minding them’ for non-existent girlfriends, in the hope that nobody would notice that they were secretly enjoying them themselves. I personally loved the “Prosecco Bar” which is a travelling company that sets up at “Taste of Dublin” each year. There you had lip-smacking options of ‘Bellinis’ and ‘Kir Royales’ to name just a few. I opted for a “Raspberry Sparkle” which was light and fruity and contained all the essential bubbles, making it my top choice as summer drink. We were shown how this drink can be easily created by adding some light raspberry cordial to your prosecco – perfect for summer parties and nights in with the girls.

Not a fully-fledged foodie? Fashionistas behold! As an essentially daytime outdoor market, the trending fashion was smart-casual. I wore a light, summery, lace dress from River Island, paired with black and silver sandals from Topshop. Bold colours and floral print playsuits were a popular choice at the festival, often paired with wedges and either statement jewellery or a belt.  The general vibe was summer chic – clothes that were light and summery but comfortable. Seeing as a lot of the walking is done through grass or cobbled stones and footpaths, comfortable flats or a small wedged heel is a fashion must. I’m ever appreciative of pain being beauty but when you are tottering precariously across the stones or stomping across the grass, your stilettos creating more holes than a small family of gophers, you are quick to concede that comfort and leisure are vital ingredients in enjoying the whole experience. Overall, I got the feeling that this summer’s main theme would be “Sixties Hippie” with flared trousers and colourful camisoles making frequent appearances. I for one, will be embracing the look this summer. Groovy baby, very groovy!

On my journey, I had the pleasure of meeting model Rozanna Purcell who nailed the fashion look of the day wearing a pretty, white summer dress paired with black leather boots and a black leather jacket. She vamped up the summery glow and polished it off with a seductive smokey eye and nude lip make up look. I am definitely in favour of the ‘girlie-girl’ meets ‘rock chick’ combo.

To top off the enjoyment of the whole experience, live music reverberated through the market as a number of stages were set up around the gardens. There were grassy areas to chill out and relax and tabled, seating areas to allow you to eat and drink and settle into the music. The great thing about the music was that it added a sense of occasion to the festival and contributed to the over-all buzz.  A festival with mouth-watering nibbles at your fingertips? Sounds like heaven to me.

So there you have it, my first trip to “Taste of Dublin “and I can genuinely say I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. And, since studies are showing that people who invest in experiences are happier and more socially interesting than those who invest in material things – I would highly recommend “Taste of Dublin” as the perfect place to start .The great thing about festival is that it allows you to achieve the best of both worlds; enjoying culinary delights while basking in the ambience. I’m a firm believer that eating out is still one of life’s most treasured pleasures and we are lucky in Dublin to have such a vast variety of high quality bars and restaurants to choose from.  I’m going to quote Flo Rida on this one and conclude that “I don’t like it – I love it, love it, love it”.

Wild Thing, You Make My Heart Sing.

Wet n Wild are a great brand for producing high-quality but affordable beauty products. Relatively new to the Irish market, the brand is known amongst bloggers as one of Ireland’s best kept beauty secrets. So, when I received an invitation to the launch of their summer range – I was super excited! The summer range is everything I expected and more. I am particularly impressed by how wearable the bright colours are. Here are some of my new favourites:


First up, we have the Wet n Wild ‘Colour Icon Brow Pencil in the shade ‘Blonde Moments’ (available in 4 shades). As a dedicated ginger, I usually find it difficult to locate a brow pencil close to my hair colour but this one is perfect. The formula is creamy, easy to apply and long lasting. This product is designed to give brows definition and shape, without making them appear ‘painted on’. I love the natural look.


Next up, we have ‘Colour Icon Eyeliner’ in the shade ‘Cool Green’. Now, usually I tend to steer clear of bright coloured eyeshadows and liners but since it is finally summer, I gave this one a go and loved it. Just use it to line your lower lashes for a subtle pop of colour. Or, if you’re braver than me – apply loads and rock it!


If you’re going to apply a pop of colour to your eyelids, it is usually best to go for a very subtle lip. I love this ‘Mega Slicks’ lip gloss in ‘Cherry Glaze’. Unlike other affordable glosses, it is neither sticky nor drying. It glides on smoothly to leave lips hydrated and utterly kissable.

Wet n Wild products vary in price range from €1.99 to €6.49 and are available in Dunnes Stores, Penneys and selected pharmacies nationwide. Who could say no to that bargain?

Rouge x

My Skincare Saviour. 

I’ve been getting loads of compliments from followers lately regarding the clarity of my skin and many have asked if I have a skincare secret. Well, here it is:

Dermalogica’s ‘exfoliating face brush’ (€22) is a miracle product. To use:

1) Cover face and neck with a layer of your favourite cleanser.

2) Wet brush with warm water and massage face in circular motion.

3) Rinse skin and brush.

This brush is perfect for removing make-up, dead skin and impurities. I find that it’s gentle on skin while exfoliating effectively. It’s also much cheaper than electronic alternatives. I use mine every evening before applying night cream.

Have you tried this product?

Rouge x

You’re More Intoxicating Than A Glass of Champagne.

Last week I waved goodbye to my last ever college lecture and hello to three steady nights of celebration. This basically meant 72 hours of ‘full make-up face’ which had to be re-applied each morning/afternoon to tired, dehydrated skin. Here’s how to apply flawless make-up in record time for all the party animals out there:


1) Moisturiser is your best friend here – preferably a thick, luxurious formula. Massage into face and neck area before applying primer. Then, choose a medium coverage base and apply with fingertips.

2) Next, I used Benefit’s ‘Big Beautiful Eyes’ palette to create a bright-eyed, ‘hangover free’ look.This palette includes two mini brushes, three neutral shades and ‘Boi-ing’ concealer in the shade ‘medium’. Benefit supply a handy little instruction booklet with this palette, detailing how best to achieve gorgeous eyes for day-time or night-time. I followed the instructions for night-time by layering the lightest shade all over the eye, the medium shade in the crease and the darkest shade was applied to the outer corner of the eyelid. Then blend, blend, blend! This palette is one of my all time favourites and retails at €36 :


bene eyes

3) Apply some of the lightest shade in the eyeshadow palette below the lower lash-line and then proceed to line your eyes. Recently, I am loving Maybelline’s ‘Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner’. This gel liner is easy to apply, long-lasting and fall-out free. The black pigment in the liner is fabulous so one coat alone does the trick. Apply gel liner using a generic liner brush or indeed, the liner brush in the ‘Big Beautiful Eyes Palette’. Don’t forget to line along the lower lash-line for added definition. Maybelline’s ‘Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner’ is available in pharmacies nationwide at €11.99.

4) On hideous hangover days, a cream blush is essential for a healthy, dewy look. I love Benefit’s ‘Majorette’ which is a peach coloured ‘cream-to-powder’ formula. Just apply lightly to the apples of your cheeks using your fingertips for an instantly gorgeous glow. You can use this product alone or as a base for powder formulas. It retails at €34 and can be found here:


5) Before a night out with the girls, it is essential to apply lip colour that is long lasting. That way, if you put your handbag into the cloakroom, you won’t be looking at pale, colourless lips every time you check yourself out in the bathroom mirror. Therefore, generous application of lip-liner is key. I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s  ‘Lip Cheat’ liner in ‘Pillow Talk’ (€22). More details on how to apply liner to enhance your lips can be found in a previous post at:


So, the final look?

make up

What do you think?

Rouge x

Nailspiration of the Week.

I’ve been getting some great feedback about my nail art posts recently so when I got my nails done today, I couldn’t wait to share my new look with you. I adore Essie nail polish – it’s affordable, long lasting, highly-pigmented and super chic. This week, I’ve chosen Essie’s beautiful coral nail polish ‘Silken Cord’. It’s a bright, fun summer colour which should help cheer me up as exams loom in the near future.


I have added to the tropical nail vibe by coating one nail in a generic glitter polish. I love a bit of sparkle and this is subtle enough for working hours too.

Rouge x

A Wink is Worth a Thousand Words.

As all my readers will already know, I’m a huge fan of bright lipstick. This means that I usually steer clear of ‘dark’ eye make-up, instead opting for shimmery nudes, subtle brown liner and lashings of mascara. However, recently I’ve found myself caught up in the Kardashian media hype and intrigued by the sisters’ smokey eyes and neutral lips. The question is – can this look be achieved with minimal effort? And, can it be adapted to suit even the most pale ginja ninjas?

I enlisted the help of Charlotte Tilbury, Giorgio Armani and Maybelline for this make-up experiment – combining luxury and bargain beauty products.


1) After applying primer, I used the bronzing powder in Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ face sculpting palette all over the eyelid and below the lower lash line. I also use this powder for contouring on a regular basis and love the fact that it is multi-functional. You can read my full review here: https://rougewritinghood.wordpress.com/2015/04/22/follow-the-hollow/ .

2) I then applied Giorgio Armani’s ‘Eyes to Kill’ shadow in shade ‘4’ to the crease of the lid and blended it in. This shadow is a beautiful bronze with flecks of rustic red throughout, making it the perfect smokey shade for pale skinned beauties. It is available for €32.00 in Brown Thomas stores or online at: http://www.brownthomas.com/eyes/eyes-to-kill-solo/invt/140x2161xl4620900 .

3) I lined my eyes with Maybelline’s ‘Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner’. Gel liner is great for those of you who aren’t comfortable applying liquid liner. It allows the user more control while creating the perfect feline flick on the lids. I used this liner with a generic liner brush and applied across the top lid slowly (balance your arm on a steady surface to avoid shaking). I also used it to line my lower lid (just hug brush closely to lower lashes for subtle effect). This bargain gel formula lasts all day without fall-out and is available in Boots at €11.99: http://www.boots.ie/en/Maybelline-Eye-Studio-Lasting-Drama-Gel-Liner_1190781/ .

4) Apply a double-coat of your favourite mascara for maximum smoked up impact.




What do you think of this look?

Rouge x