I Never Worry About Diets. The Only Carrots That Interest Me Are The Number Of Carats In A Diamond.

Recently, a lot of my followers have been expressing interest in jewellery and how it is often used to create a personal, signature style among fashionistas. I have huge love for personalised jewellery and often purchase a piece to remind me of fond memories.

Last summer, a very close aunt of mine passed away. Shortly afterwards, I moved to London for a few months and quickly became familiar with Hatton Garden, the city’s jewellery quarter. I was searching for something to remind me of my aunt – something that I could keep forever and that would ultimately be passed through generations. That is when I stumbled upon London Rocks, a little boutique specialising in handmade jewellery.

London Rocks is the brain-child of the lovely couple, Karl and Harshini. They created their business to provide customers with the opportunity to get involved in the design and creation of high-quality jewellery. After I discovered the boutique, I e-mailed Harshini explaining my desire to create a piece which I hoped would become a family heirloom. She replied within the day and asked me to come into the boutique to have a chat and to choose the gem I liked best for my piece.

Together, we decided upon the creation of two rings which could be stacked – one of plain gold and the other one set with a small, authentic ruby (my aunt’s birthstone). These rings were designed by Ayako Kanari. The band on each ring has a ‘plaited’ effect, inspired by Victorian “hair jewellery” which was used a symbol of mourning throughout the era. Finally, Harshini suggested that I have the first letter of my aunt’s name engraved into the back of one ring, ensuring that her memory would not be lost as new generations took possession of the pieces.

One year later, I still wear these rings everyday and so, they have become a part of my signature style. I would highly recommend the experience of working with London Rocks because it is both unforgettable and surprisingly affordable (given the quality of the pieces). You can find their website at: http://www.londonrocksjewellery.co.uk/ .

I can’t wait to choose another piece during my next visit to London.

Rouge x