The Ginja Ninja’s Essential Guide to SPF.

I can’t complain, I know that I CAN’T complain but do you know what it’s like to be ginger in this heat? Absolutely dangerous. I’ve become a self-certified expert in all things relating to sunscreen and by that I mean that I’m not an expert at all but I have found some life saving, skin protecting products that work well for me. So, I thought I’d fill you in..

Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+:


Alpha H Sunscreen


Alright, so I know that this one is pricey at €39 but a facial SPF is a skincare essential regardless of whether it’s roasting outside. So, I see this one as an investment. Think of all of the wrinkles that you won’t have in your old age if you apply this product every morning. Out of all of the facial SPFs that I’ve tried, this one is my favourite. And yes, I’ve tried the cult favourite Image SPFs in the original and matte formulas. For me, the Alpha-H formula just absorbs into the skin more quickly than any other similar product that I’ve tried. It sits nicely under make up and most importantly, it doesn’t clog my pores – which is an issue that I have with the majority of facial SPFs that I’ve tried. Alpha-H is available from a range of pharmacies nationwide or online from Cloud 10 Beauty (who often have a good discount code on the go).


P20 “Once a Day Sun Protection Spray:


p20 sunscreen.jpg


I’m not the only ginger in my household and this product is one that the whole family use. My Dad put it to the test when he moved to Australia, many moons ago and we’ve been using P20 ever since. It’s my go to body sunscreen because it only needs to be applied once a day and it’s not greasy on the skin (although it does take about 15 mins to dry after application). It also applies clear so there’s no white residue to contend with and, if you ever get to the beach (unlike those of us spending the heatwave in their office), it’s water resistant so doesn’t need to be re-applied every time that you go for a dip. That said, I would definitely reapply if you’re coating the kiddies in it because it’s better to be safe than sorry. P20 is on sale at Cloud 10 Beauty at the moment – not an ad or sponsored content, they just seem to have really cost effective offers available.


Isa Dora “Twist Up Lip Balm” (SPF 15):


Isa Dora Lip Balm Review


Isa Dora are one of my favourite brands. They offer really high quality beauty products at an affordable price point and I’ve never been left disappointed with a purchase. Their “Twist Up Lip Balm” isn’t groundbreaking or life changing but it is gorgeous all the same. It contains natural oils to nourish the lips and also an SPF to protect them (which many lipsticks and balms don’t). The shades are all pretty natural so can be applied liberally and on the go, without a mirror. The formula also has a delicious raspberry scent so it just reminds me of summer and fruity cocktails by the beach. This product is also on sale (with 40% off) here from Feel Unique which is an absolute bargain!

And there you have it – these three are my SPF essentials and to date, my favourite sun protection products. It may also be worth mentioning that SPF does have an expiration date so if you’re using the products that you bought last summer – they really aren’t good enough. In my opinion, every SPF product needs to be replaced 9 months after opening. I know it’s a pain for our pockets (let’s face it – sunscreen is a boring purchase) but you’ll thank me when you’re not withering around in sunburn hell.

Now, drop us a comment and let us know if you’ve been loving or hating the heatwave – I don’t think I’ve ever experienced weather like this in Ireland in the past 25 years!!

Rouge x