My Top 5 NYX Picks.



NYX are an affordable, professional make up brand who for many years, have remained illusive in Ireland. However, as most of you will already know, Arnotts recently launched the most impressive NYX counter that the country has ever seen and its online counterpart. Hurray, beauty nerds will no longer be starved of the gorgeous products that were once in short supply in pharmacies nationwide. We officially have access to almost every NYX product which has been released in the USA. And to celebrate, I’ve complied a list of my top five products from the brand. You need these in your life!

NYX Butter Gloss (€7):


Easily the nicest lip gloss that I have ever used. NYX’s “Butter Gloss” feels like satin on the lips. It isn’t gloopy or sticky and while the product is sheer, the colour pay-off is really impressive. My favourite shade is “Creme Brulee” which coincidentally, smells like dessert. DELISH!

This product is available here.

NYX High Definition Finishing Powder (€11.25):


This powder is very similar to Make Up Forever’s “HD Powder” at a fraction of the price. I’ve converted lots of my friends and family from their more expensive finishing powders and now, we all use this NYX offering. I use the “Translucent” version of the powder so I can’t tell you much about the “Banana” or “Mint Green” shades, but I can say that the texture is silky and very easy to blend.

This product is available here.

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray (€10): 


So I’ve heard a lot of bloggers say that this setting spray is an excellent dupe for Urban Decay’s “All Nighter Setting Spray” and, while I can’t agree that it is as good as the UD offering, it comes pretty damn close. It is also half the price. This product is really effective for creating the illusion of shine-free skin.

Available here.

NYX HD Concealer Wand (€7.75): 


This concealer was the very first product that I ever bought from the NYX collection and it’s still definitely one of my favourites. I use the shade “Porcelain” as an under-eye concealer and for contouring. It’s easy to apply, simple to blend and doesn’t crease, even after hours of wear. An absolute bargain.

This product is available here.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (€7.75):


If you find matte liquid lipsticks to be very drying on your lips, then I suggest giving this product a go. It gives a matte effect but retains a creamy, movable consistency. My favourite shade is “San Juan” which is a bright coral colour but they have 25 other shades to choose from on the Arnotts website so I suggest going over to take a look.

Available here.

For more information on the NYX range and a look at all of the products (there are LOTS of them), you can take a look at the Arnotts website here.

Let me know what your favourite product is in the comments section or, over on Instagram!


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