Vichy “Dermablend” Corrective Foundation – Review

“The best thing is to look natural but, it takes make up to look natural” – Calvin Klein.


Recently, I have had so many readers requesting my recommendations for full-coverage foundation. Problem skin is a nightmare and while mine is usually clear, I find any breakouts really difficult to conceal because often heavy foundation creates a caked, mask effect.



Vichy Dermablend


Thankfully, Vichy have recognised my issues and formulated their “Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation”. This product is a camouflage foundation which provides flawless coverage but feels light and fresh on the skin. Vichy’s promises that the “Dermablend” formula wears for up to 16 hours comfortably. But, does it live up to expectations?

Well, I have been sampling this foundation for over two weeks now and I have to say that I am hugely impressed. I spend an awful amount of time trying to conceal redness and uneven skin tone but this foundation just eliminates the need for huge amounts of concealer. Anything that saves me 10 minutes preparation time in the morning, is an immediate must-have in my make up bag! Here’s a picture of the formula after approx 8 hours of wear, in natural sunlight (no filter, of course):


The “Dermablend” foundation doesn’t feel heavy on my skin and because it is a water based formula, like most of Vichy’s offerings, it doesn’t clog pores. Generally, heavy foundations cover breakouts but have a high oil content which means that they really just contribute to more skin problems in the long term.

The only issue I have with this product is that the shade range is pretty sparse. To date, Vichy have only released 5 different shades of this formula. Luckily, “15 Opal” is a good match with my skin but it has a very strong yellow base, so those who tend to have a strong pink pigment in their skin may struggle to find a match. Hopefully Vichy realise the demand for expansion and introduce more shades over time.

Next on my agenda is sampling the concealer from the “Dermablend” range and having heard so many good reviews already, I have high hopes for it! Have you tried this range yet? What do you think of it? Let us know in the comments.

Rouge x


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