Sleek “Lip VIP Collection” – Review.



Thanks to Kylie Jenner, matte lipsticks have become all the rage lately. Unfortunately, when combined with cold Irish weather this trend leads to lips which chap like a cracked mirror. How attractive!

With this beauty dilemma in mind, I recently ventured to the launch of the new Sleek “VIP Lip Collection”. The collection boasts 8 shades and an entirely new formula which promises to upgrade your lips to “very important pout” status. Sounds like a marketing gimmick? Well, bare with me.



The new formula is semi-matte which means that it delivers high intensity pigment, without draining the moisture from your lips. The creamy lipsticks are infused with shea butter, vitamin E and best of all, coconut oil. Anybody who reads this blog will know that I am obsessed with the multi-tasking beauty benefits of coconut oil (you can read all about it here).

Sleek Lip VIP new


All in all, I am really impressed with the lipstick and its’ staying power. The formula distributes evenly and doesn’t cling to dry patches. As you can see from the above image, there’s a shade for every occasion. My favourite is “Backstage” which I have been putting to the test over the past two weeks.

Did I forget to mention? These lipsticks are an absolute bargain at only €7.49 and are available here from or in pharmacies nationwide! Sure, you wouldn’t even feel guilty for buying the entire range. Next on my wishlist is the gorgeous neutral shade “Private Booth”. What’s your favourite shade?

Rouge x



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