Flutter with Fuschia – Mink Lashes Collection.

Sex appeal is 50% what you’ve got, and 50% what people think you’ve got. – Sophia Loren.

Fuschia Lashes

I have always been cautious of spending anywhere between €60-€100 on mink lash extensions. What if they’re uncomfortable and I want to remove them after 24 hours? Are they really worth the investment? After all, I could buy an awful lot of lipsticks with that kind of cash. Well, recently I’ve realised that while life is short, my eyelashes don’t have to be. Let me introduce Fuschia’s “Mink Lashes Collection”.

The new collection includes 8 different styles of faux mink strip lashes priced at only €15 each. Each set of lashes are inspired by and named after an iconic woman in history such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, Audrey Hepburn and Sophia Loren. I was lucky enough to be gifted two sets of the lashes: “The Ava” and “The Sophia”.

“The Ava”:

These beauties reflect vintage elegance so, you won’t look like you’re capable of sweeping the floor with your eyelashes while wearing them. They provide lift and lengthening, so they’re perfect for daytime and evening wear. These lashes felt really lightweight and not at all uncomfortable. Plus, they had excellent staying power – remaining securely in place for over 12 hours.


“The Sophia”:

“The Sophia” lashes are definitely a “Hollywood Bombshell” option. They’re dramatic, voluminous and fabulous. I will be sporting these on nights out for months to come. Unlike “The Ava” option, these lashes are a little heavy and take some getting used to but after about 20 minutes, I almost forgot that I was wearing them. I really liked the shape of the band, which didn’t need to be cut to size and fitted perfectly along my own lash line. Embarrassingly and as pointed out by my Mum, while I wore these lashes I couldn’t resist taking a peek in the mirror every few minutes to admire them. I think that that makes them a definite winner in the beauty stakes.


On another note, I applied both sets of lashes using a tweezers and “Duo” glue, which is my favourite eyelash adhesive. Both pairs have endured their wear well and I expect to get approximately 5 wears per set – that’s only €3 per wear!

Fuschia mink lashes are now available in selected stores and pharmacies nationwide as well as here at Fuschia.ie.


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