The Christmas Gift Guide – For Him.

From Dads, to brothers, to boyfriends – men can be a difficult bunch to choose presents for. So, in order to save you the hassle, we have compiled a little list of suggestions – don’t worry, you can thank us later.

Painted Clans – Hand Painted Contemporary Irish Crests.

Painted Clans Family Crest


I guarantee you that every single Daddy in Ireland would be absolutely delighted with the gift of a hand painted family crest this Christmas. Irish men take huge pride in their family identity and these pieces from Painted Clans provide the opportunity to create a new heirloom, which could be passed down through generations.

The artist, Brendan McCarey, hand paints each crest using acrylic paint – making it a “one of a kind” piece, unique to your family. On the back of the frame, there is a small piece of information about the family history and a column explaining the meaning of each element of the crest. I will actually be giving my own Dad one of these personalised works of art on Christmas morning, so watch this space for a full post on the finished piece.

For more information, or to request a digital preview of your family/country crest you can contact Brendan at

The Old Jameson Distillery – Guided Tour.

Jameson Gifts For Him


Now, this is one that I think I would enjoy myself. Visit the original Bow Street distillery and discover the Jameson Irish Whiskey story, where the last chapter is drinkable. The guided tour provides some interesting background information on the brand created by John Jameson, followed by a tasting experience and the presentation of the “Jameson Whiskey Tasting Certificate”. The best part? Tickets are only €13.50 if you book them online at Jameson.

Tommy Hilfiger – Shirt.

Tommy Hilfiger - Gifts for Him


If you want to go down the fashion route, I am a firm believer that you cannot go wrong with a classic Tommy Hilfiger shirt. They are well fitted, elegant and extremely attractive – any man would be lucky to own one. The plain navy option is a favourite of mine, and this one is available here. For more colours and styles, you can check out the Tommy Hilfiger website.

Ziaja Men – Christmas Set.

Ziaja Men Gift Set


If you are sick to death of the men in your life “borrowing” your expensive moisturiser, why not treat them to some skincare of their own? Ziaja are a great brand who provide high-quality products, at affordable prices. This set includes a moisturiser, shower gel and anti-perspirant for less than €10. Yes, less than a tenner – that even leaves you with some excess cash for make-up treats. All Ziaja products and gift sets are available at

Jack Black – Beard Grooming Kit.

Beard Grooming


“Movember” may be over, but it looks like beards are here to stay. So, if any of the men in your life have joined the beard brigade lately, they’re sure to appreciate this beard grooming kit from Jack Black. “No frills attached”, just soothing formulas to keep skin and facial hair moisturised and healthy. This one is available for €37.95 from Cloud 10 Beauty.

Hugo Boss The Scent – Aftershave.

Hugo Boss


You cannot go wrong with the gift of high-end aftershave and, Hugo Boss produce some great options. “Hugo Boss The Scent” is their latest offering – filled with notes of ginger and leather, it has a lovely rich, full-bodied scent. This one is available in pharmacies nationwide and online at Debenhams for €91 (100ml).

Ted Baker – Leather Wallet.

Ted Baker Leather Wallet.jpg


Every man needs a good quality leather wallet. This one is classic, elegant and will hold it’s value for years – a worthy investment. Available from Ted Baker for €75.


And that is a wrap. Let me know if you have any further gift giving ideas – I have four brothers to purchase for so I would love to hear them.

Rouge x



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