Yves Saint Laurent – ‘Rouge Pur Couture’.

Oh baby, baby! Every so often a perfect product makes its way into my make-up bag and today is one of those days. Behold the beauty:


I am actually talking about the beauty of the lipstick, although Cara does steal the show in this campaign. It would also appear that someone has stolen her clothes – those legs though! Anyway, back to the cosmetics. You will all probably know by now that I am obsessed with red lipstick so, while I appreciate the Kardashian induced ‘nude’ trend, I’m delighted that red shades are set to make a return for AW15!


Because, I have red/ginger hair, I am very fussy about shade choice when it comes to lipstick. I enjoy a good blue-based red but often find that such shades are only available in matte formulas. Matte formulas are particularly hard work in winter when it’s freezing and your lips are chapped to bits so I was delighted to find that YSL’s Rouge Pur Couture is a glossy, moisturising formula. Cara is wearing shade #01 in the campaign shots and I think we can all agree that the colour is amazeballs! Let us also take a moment to appreciate the slick, luxury of this packaging of this product – definitely one to be displayed on the dresser.

Urgh, not excited about posting photos of myself next to Ms. Delevingne but here’s one of the product on my lips:


The finish of the formula is light-weight and glossy. It’s easy to apply, although I’ve been using a generic nude liner to add definition to my lips. Admittedly, it’s not the most long-wearing lipstick I’ve tried but that’s to be expected of a moisturising formula. Perhaps 2-3 hours wear time between applications. 


‘Rouge Pur Couture’ retails at €32 so it’s definitely a high-end treat. What do you think? Definitely worth it if you’re mistaken for a super model! 

Rouge x


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