Too Slick For Summer.

Looks like it is heating up out there and as the sun comes out to play, some of us will experience loss of make-up through facial oil slick. A natural disaster – I paid a fortune for this foundation, what do you mean it’s disappeared within the hour? I’ve searched high and low for a reasonably priced solution to this problem and I think I’ve finally found it.


 Meet Bioderma’s ‘Sebium Pore Refiner’. Aimed at oily skin, this product is a mattifying fluid which doubles as a long-term treatment that reduces the appearance of pores. During the summer, I always wear a facial SPF and this can often leave a greasy residue on skin so, although I do not have naturally oily skin, I am getting great use out of the product.

Bioderma recommend that you use this product alone or over your moisturiser and SPF on a twice-daily basis. Those who have combination skin may find that they need only use it on their T-Zone. Personally, I have been using the formula each morning over my SPF. I simply mix it with some liquid primer to create the perfect base for matte foundation.

Like many Bioderma products, this one has my approval. And, the best part? It is super affordable! I had a look around online and at the moment, Escentual have 1/3 off Bioderma products. The ‘Sebium Pore Refiner’ is available here:

Let me know if you have tried it.

Rouge x


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