You Are The Gin To My Tonic.

It’s that time of the year when all we want in our lives is to dip our toes in to the sand with a cocktail in hand. However, some of us have no choice but to slave away at work all summer, chained to the office keyboard. 


Located just behind Jervis Shopping Centre, KOH bar and restaurant is a gem. With a Thai theme, the vibe is relaxed and exotic. The food looked great, but we didn’t have a chance to try it. Today, it was all about the cocktails.


KOH were recently announced as Best Cocktail Bar in the 2015 Good Eating Guide Awards. They pride themselves on the use of high-quality, fresh ingredients and, I can vouch for the fact that their cocktails are amazing as a result. Here’s a breakdown of some of the drinks we tried: 

  • Toblerone: This offering was created using Baileys Irish Cream, honey, frangelico and cream. It was smooth and velvety, with a taste reminiscent of chocolate milkshakes. This was a firm favourite of the group.
  • Daiquiri: Made using Angostura Reserva, lime juice and sugar syrup. Daiquiri cocktails seem to be hugely popular in Ireland and while this one was delicious, I recommend trying something new when you have expert mixologists waiting to tickle your taste buds.
  • Cherry Bomb: This one was a mixture of Cherry Heering, cognac, cherries, sage and lime. A feast to the taste buds, I really enjoyed this choice. It offered a really authentic cherry flavour while providing a strong kick. 
  • Start Me Up: Credited as one of KOH’s own creations, this cocktail is made up of gin, elderflower liqueur, passion fruit and mint. This cocktail was a burst of flavour, full of minty fruitiness. Highly recommended.


So, I’ve found my new favourite cocktail spot in Dublin. At approximately €9.50 per cocktail, KOH is certainly a treat but a worthwhile one. Keep an eye out for special offers on their social media outlets. 

Have you got a favourite cocktail spot in the city? Let me know!

Rouge x 


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