Take The Day Off With Bioderma.

French skincare brand Bioderma are an all time favourite amongst beauty bloggers but, until now, Irish beauty geeks have been deprived of their fabulous products. However, I have good news – Bioderma have launched in Ireland as of 1st June 2015. I attended an exclusive launch a few weeks ago and have been testing the samples we received ever since. So, what do you need to purchase first?


‘Sensibio H20’ is the original micellar water and is loved by make-up artists worldwide. Suitable for all skin types, this nifty little formula is great for removing even the most stubborn of make-up. Just dispense on to some cotton wool and massage facial area in circular motions. Panda eyes be banished!

I wouldn’t recommend ‘Sensibio H20’ for deep cleansing but it is great for taking the day off. It is also a wonder product for those of us who don’t always want to take our make-up off after a night of partying – a much healthier alternative to those dreaded facial wipes.

‘Sensibio H20’ is launching at €5.50 for 100ml, so it would appear that even in Ireland, Bioderma will maintain their international reputation for providing fabulous skincare at affordable prices.

Will you be purchasing?

Rouge x


6 thoughts on “Take The Day Off With Bioderma.

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand but Micellar cleansing water is fast becoming a big thing in the beauty world. I’ve been using the Simple Skincare one & it’s so easy to use & leaves your skin so soft. Lovely blog post. ☺️Xx


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