Good Food = Good Mood.

This blog is beginning to make it painfully obvious that I spend the majority of my time eating. However, I am on a mission to bring you the best grub in Dublin and so, duty calls. And yes, it is a real excuse!!

So this weekend, my fabulous friends and I ventured happily to Jo’Burger which is situated in Castle Market, just off South William St. Jo’Burger is the sibling eatery of Skinflint, Bear and Crackbird – all of which have a great reputation for using wholesome Irish ingredients to produce high quality meals. I have yet to visit these restaurants but after this weekend, I cannot wait to sample and review.

So, back to the place in question. We arrived at Jo’Burger at around 2pm, narrowly missing the lunchtime rush and were seated outside to admire some surprising Irish sunshine. Choosing to order from the lunch menu, I selected the ’10 Euro Jo Burger’ with fries, while my friends both opted for the ‘Chili Chicken, Coriander, Pickle, Mayo Sandwich’. The lunchtime menu is excellent value for money and is available for viewing here:


My friends assure me that their sandwiches were great saying that combination of ingredients were filling and flavoursome. They were also big fans of the ‘Hot Curry Mayo’ which was ordered as a side. But, in my opinion, it is all about the burgers. Love the burger, be the burger.


Hands down, one of the best burgers I’ve sampled in Dublin to date. It was positively huge and yet, I ate every bite! Cooked to perfection, the meat was juicy and tender while the bun was soft and fresh. And, that wasn’t even the highlight! Jo’Burger produce their own relish which is absolutely perfect – I was tempted to ask to take a bottle home. Actually guys, if you’re reading this – can you start sending it to supermarkets?

One last shout out for the homemade ‘Soda Mint Lime’, which I may or may not have added a measure of rum to, creating a pretty awesome mojito. Jo, you have my heart and more importantly, you have my belly!


Rouge x


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