P. Macs – Foodie Review. 

Earlier this week, a friend of mine introduced me to one of her favourite food spots in Dublin. P.Macs is situated just off St. Stephen’s Green and is a hidden gem amongst the hustle and bustle of the area. I was majorly impressed from the get go because the decor of this charming pub is hipster and cool, without being too in-your-face ‘alternative’. 


So, what about the food? Delish! I sampled the pulled pork burger while my friend had the chicken wings. As per usual, she drew the better straw. Even though my burger was great, her wings were in a league of their own. Dressed in a nice homemade sauce, they offered an alternative flavour to the “buffalo” dressing most commonly associated with chicken wings.


The pulled pork in my burger was fresh and flavoursome – I would definitely go back for another. Portion sizes were really generous too! 


And, all of this yummy food only cost a grand total of €20 (lunch menu). The staff were lovely and really welcoming. I can’t wait to visit again!

Rouge x


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