Crowning Glory – Colab.

As all of my readers will know, I recently attended the launch of ‘SOSU’ by Suzanne Jackson and had a fabulous evening. One of the highlights of the night was the little goodie bag we all received upon leaving which included a sample of Sue’s new nail polish collection and a fabulous haircare product which I’m going to review in detail here.

Colab is a brand which is entirely new to me – I hadn’t even heard of it until last week. And, this is the ‘Tokyo’ version of their dry shampoo. As someone with really long hair, I adore dry shampoo and feel it is essential for ‘between washing’ hair days. Not only are we all too busy to shampoo, condition and blow-dry hair daily – doing so can be really damaging for healthy hair.

This dry shampoo is my favourite formula thus far. I have used other brands and noticed a ‘grey/white’ residue but Colab offer a formula that is residue free. They also offer a different scent range with ‘Tokyo’ providing a warm floral smell, perfect for summer.

Simply spray directly onto hair at a 20cm distance (focusing on roots) and massage through with fingertips. No oil, no residue and the bonus of added volume.

Colab dry shampoo is available in Penneys or online at Cloud10 Beauty.

So, what do you think? Will you be trying this brand?

Rouge x


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