You’re More Intoxicating Than A Glass of Champagne.

Last week I waved goodbye to my last ever college lecture and hello to three steady nights of celebration. This basically meant 72 hours of ‘full make-up face’ which had to be re-applied each morning/afternoon to tired, dehydrated skin. Here’s how to apply flawless make-up in record time for all the party animals out there:


1) Moisturiser is your best friend here – preferably a thick, luxurious formula. Massage into face and neck area before applying primer. Then, choose a medium coverage base and apply with fingertips.

2) Next, I used Benefit’s ‘Big Beautiful Eyes’ palette to create a bright-eyed, ‘hangover free’ look.This palette includes two mini brushes, three neutral shades and ‘Boi-ing’ concealer in the shade ‘medium’. Benefit supply a handy little instruction booklet with this palette, detailing how best to achieve gorgeous eyes for day-time or night-time. I followed the instructions for night-time by layering the lightest shade all over the eye, the medium shade in the crease and the darkest shade was applied to the outer corner of the eyelid. Then blend, blend, blend! This palette is one of my all time favourites and retails at €36 :

bene eyes

3) Apply some of the lightest shade in the eyeshadow palette below the lower lash-line and then proceed to line your eyes. Recently, I am loving Maybelline’s ‘Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner’. This gel liner is easy to apply, long-lasting and fall-out free. The black pigment in the liner is fabulous so one coat alone does the trick. Apply gel liner using a generic liner brush or indeed, the liner brush in the ‘Big Beautiful Eyes Palette’. Don’t forget to line along the lower lash-line for added definition. Maybelline’s ‘Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner’ is available in pharmacies nationwide at €11.99.

4) On hideous hangover days, a cream blush is essential for a healthy, dewy look. I love Benefit’s ‘Majorette’ which is a peach coloured ‘cream-to-powder’ formula. Just apply lightly to the apples of your cheeks using your fingertips for an instantly gorgeous glow. You can use this product alone or as a base for powder formulas. It retails at €34 and can be found here:

5) Before a night out with the girls, it is essential to apply lip colour that is long lasting. That way, if you put your handbag into the cloakroom, you won’t be looking at pale, colourless lips every time you check yourself out in the bathroom mirror. Therefore, generous application of lip-liner is key. I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s  ‘Lip Cheat’ liner in ‘Pillow Talk’ (€22). More details on how to apply liner to enhance your lips can be found in a previous post at:

So, the final look?

make up

What do you think?

Rouge x

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