Are You Made of Tough Stuff?

Anyone who follows me on Twitter will know that I’m a huge fan of Cocoa Brown’s ‘1 Hour Tan’ mousse. Tanning Thursday has become a ritual in my house but by Monday my skin can appear a little dull as stubborn tan clings on for dear life. I usually end up looking like I have a rare skin condition which renders me ghostly white with perfectly tanned elbows and ankles!  However, it would seem that the ever clever Marissa Carter can solve all of my problems.

Cocoa Brown have developed their own body scrub which is aptly named ‘Tough Stuff’. This formula promises to prepare skin for self-tanning, removes stubborn tan and operates as a regular body exfoliator. But, does it live up to expectations? Why, of course it does! Another high quality product from a fabulous Irish company.

You can apply the formula wet or dry (I prefer dry for a deep exfoliation) and skin becomes squeaky clean. It is a heavy-duty scrub but it’s not harsh on soft skin. Orange patches be banished! This scrub is lightly fragranced with the nice floral scent which has become the signature of Cocoa Brown products. Best of all, ‘Tough Stuff’ is available in pharmacies nationwide, Penneys, and for the bargain price of €4.99.

I hope you love it as much as I do! Have you tried any of the other products from the Cocoa Brown range? Next on my wishlist is ‘Gentle Bronze’, their gradual tanning moisturiser.

Rouge x


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