If My Hair Were Any Shinier, You’d Need Sunglasses! 

I’m gonna be the MANE event, like no King was before. I’m brushing up on looking down, I’m working on my ROAR!

So, I was a little skeptical about trying Mane ‘n’ Tail’s horse to human crossover shampoo. I mean, have you ever met a ginger horse? However, I’m a sucker for haircare hype and so, I picked up a shampoo and conditioner duo in the original formula this week (€6.20 each in Cara Pharmacy).

Available here: https://www.carapharmacy.com/search/mane%20n%20tail/page-1

BEST DECISION OF THE WEEK! I absolutely love these products. First of all, the packaging is delightful – simple but fun. I love the fact that it provides instructions on how to wash a horse, should I ever need to. And, best of all, my hair is glossier than normal after just one wash.

The shampoo is a protein formula which provides a lovely lather. It’s slightly fragranced and leaves hair feeling squeaky clean. While, the conditioner is a lovely moisturising formula with natural oils to nourish the scalp.

Upon drying, my hair is soft, shiny and full of volume. I can see why Jennifer Aniston recommends the brand.

Next on my Mane ‘N’ Tail wishlist is the entire range. I’ve found a new brand addiction. Do any of you have a recommendation?

Rouge x


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