Life Isn’t Perfect But Your Hair Can Be. 

If you’ve read any of my latest posts, you have probably realised that I’m obsessed with haircare. My red hair is my crowning glory so I would never dare to colour it. Luckily, my friends are around to try new colours and salons – providing me with feedback to share with you all.

So, yesterday when my lovely friend Tanya set out for her new hairdressers with a balayage look in mind; I couldn’t wait to see how she got on! After weeks of deliberation (and a few too many episodes of Gossip Girl), she decided on a look something similar to this:

Now, it’s unusual to walk into a hairdressers with a picture and walk out looking exactly like said picture but I have to say that in this case, Archie’s Girls Hair and Nail Salon, had it covered. The salon is a new establishment, located on Ushers Quay. They offer great hair care at even better prices. Tanya paid just €65 for a cut and balayage treatment.

Before and after:

She tells me that the girls in the salon were really welcoming and accommodating. They offered her some great advice and took the time to listen to what she wanted. She was also in and out in record time, which is great for busy city girls! Delighted with the results, she’ll be sticking with Archie’s Girls for the foreseeable future.

And in fairness, she does look fabulous!

Let me know if you have any salon recommendations for us!

Rouge x


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