I’ll Be Ready in Five Minutes! 

Make up can only make you look pretty on the outside. It doesn’t help if you’re ugly on the inside – unless you eat the make up.

So I’ve pressed ‘snooze’ a few too many times and now have 5 minutes to get ready for college. Better still, everyone else in the class usually looks like they’re ready for the runway – great!

Here’s one for of the quickest make-up routines a student can think up!

1) Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise – that glass of wine last night wasn’t as sneaky as you think!

2) A light base blended all over with your fingers. I swear by Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Light Wonder’ foundation in ‘1 Fair’ (€42). It’s luminous, light and has SPF15. Just shake well before use. Available here:


3) Concealer if you need it. Once again, use fingers to dab product directly onto blemishes and underneath tired eyes.

4) Mascara! Essential for a bright eye! I love Armani’s ‘Eyes To Kill’ (€32.50).

Available here: http://www.brownthomas.com/mascara/eyes-to-kill-wet-mascara/invt/140x2161x617221

Place wand at root of eyelashes and pull upwards and outwards with a wriggling motion.

5) Brows should always be on point. When you don’t have time to fill and shape, a tinted gel like Benefit’s ‘Gimme Brow’ (€25.50) will still work wonders. Just coat brows once with the formula.

Cara Pharmacy provided the lowest price on my Benefit search: https://www.carapharmacy.com/p/benefit_gimme_brow

6) If I’m skipping eyeshadow and liner to save time, I like to create a bold lip. Red is always my colour of choice. Today I used Dior’s lipline pencil in ‘Rouge Royal’ (£19) and their ‘Diorific’ lipstick in ‘Marilyn’ (£28).

I found both products on House of Fraser’s UK website: http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Dior+Dior+Contour+Lipliner+Pencil/B117707,default,pd.html and http://www.houseoffraser.co.uk/Dior+Diorific+Lipstick/D370479,default,pd.html

Use the lip liner to emphasise the ‘V’ of your upper lip and always apply red lipstick with a lip brush for accurate application.

7) Finally, a little cheek tint can be applied. I tend to gauge how much to use against how bright my lips are. I recommend Benefit’s ‘Cha Cha Tint’ (€34.50) because it’s subtle.

Available here: https://www.carapharmacy.com/p/benefit_chachatint

Just two dots on the apples of your cheeks (blended with your fingers) create a healthy glow.

That’s it! You’re finished!

Let me know if you try the routine! Or, if you can make it shorter?

Rouge x


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