BB Beautiful!

So it looks like the sunshine has arrived for summer (as short lived as it may be) and it’s time to put our heavy foundations into storage. During the winter, I love a full-coverage foundation like Estée Lauder’s double wear but in the summer, my pores can’t handle the heat! That’s where BB cream steps in to save the day.

BB cream is a relatively new craze in the beauty industry. It’s a colour correcting, light-weight base that allows skin to breath. Now, BB creams can be hit and miss and I’ve found that many brands have created formulas that apply unevenly and oxidise on skin. However, I have recently found a great formula at a great price.

Rimmel’s ‘BB Cream’ retails at €8.99 and boasts a ‘9 in 1’ formula which claims to prime, moisturise and provide coverage. I’ve found that it lives up to all these claims, providing a natural glow. It is also SPF 25, which is impressive for a budget product. This formula is perfect for a ‘no make-up look’.

The one issue I had with the product is that the shade range is sparse and the ‘light’ shade is just about suitable for my pale complexion. Those who love a porcelain look probably won’t love this BB cream. Swatch before you buy.

Rouge x


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