I Got That Red Lip, Classic Thing That You Like! 

Growing up, I was told that so many colours clashed with my hair colour in an unattractive manner – orange, pink, yellow and definitely red! So for years I avoided all things red. Then, along came Emma Stone and her decision to break all the colour coding rules. I slipped on a red dress and ever since, it’s been my power colour.

Lipstick is my main make-up must have. And, red lipstick is my holy grail. However, I appreciate that it is difficult to pick the correct red to match your skin tone. My advice is that cool, pale toned folk go for blue-based reds and those glorious tanned folk choose an orange-based red beauty.

My red of the moment is Nar’s ‘Velvet Matte Lip Pencil’ in ‘Dragon Girl’ (€25). It’s the same shade that Taylor Swift has made her signature and it is BEAUTIFUL!

It brightens the complexion and the blue base makes teeth appear pearly white. The pencil is matte so I recommend a pop of lip balm on top. Lasting power is around 4 hours. I haven’t used a liner today but would recommend one if you’re planning on a night out, to create a full-lip effect if nothing else.

Let me know what you think!

Rouge x


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