Love is in the Hair.

Ivana Trump once said that “gorgeous hair is the best revenge” and who could argue with that? My ginger mane is my crowning glory but if it looks awful, I feel awful! Healthy hair is happy hair and washing it every day can strip hair of oils that are essential for hydration and growth. However, those oils can appear pretty gross and nobody rocks the greasy look!

My solution? Batiste’s dry shampoo.

I was introduced to this product after undergoing surgery on my neck a few weeks ago. It was painful and tiring to wash hair everyday while trying to keep 26 stitches dry so I picked this up in my local Cara Pharmacy (€2.50).

The spray is applied directly to the roots of your hair at a distance of 30cm. Then, use your fingers to ruffle hair, removing any white residue. An added bonus of this dry shampoo is that it provides a great amount of volume to lack lustre locks. In fact, my hairdresser recommends spraying it on clean hair before attempting any up-styles.

Batiste produce many different types of dry shampoo, each with a different scent. My favourite is ‘coconut and exotic tropical’ which is fresh and fruity. For brunettes out there who fear the white residue, they also make a version with a slight brown tint. Available at pharmacies nationwide and Penneys.

Rouge x


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