Getting Cheeky in Mahiki. 

A recent trip to London brought me all around the city in 48 hours. I consider London to be a home away from home but I was super excited to show my friends around, since they had never been before. Therefore, I emailed a few nightclubs in Mayfair looking for one that would provide us with a fun night out. 

I received a lovely reply from Aaron at Mahiki who invited us to join them on the Tuesday night in question. For those of you who don’t know already, Mahiki is a clubbing hotspot in Mayfair, favoured among celebrities and royalty alike. Prince Harry, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Swift are known fans of the club and if it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for me.


Upon arrival, we were escorted into the club by a lovely hostess and seated downstairs. Then, to everyone’s delight we were presented with a ‘Mahiki Treasure Chest’. This is a large chest of a delicious rum and prosecco cocktail accompanied by sparklers to create an atmosphere of celebration.


The club itself is decorated with a ‘tropical popical’ type theme – think of partying on a pirate’s ship! For the Dubliner’s reading; it’s not unlike The Everleigh Gardens. The crowd are chic and sophisticated yet fantastically friendly! It’s pop music all the way and finally, I’ll live up to the Irish stereotype and say the cocktails are the highlight of the night! I recommend the ‘Coconut Grenade’ below:


All in all, it is well worth a trip. Mahiki is expensive (£13.50 cocktails and £15 pound entry) but is a great treat, especially for those enjoying a city break. 

Shout out to the DJ who was one of the best we’ve come across. 


Rouge x 


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