I’m in Love with that Cocoa.

A golden goddess I am not. Queen of the ginger gene, I’m confident in my pale skin but sometimes I need to bare my legs and honestly, those milk bottles need all the help they can get! So it’s self tanning to the rescue and I have found the most perfect option out there. Cocoa Brown are an Irish company and therefore experts in all things pale and ghostly. This tan was developed to provide a glow that’s bronze and beautiful so you never look like you’ve rolled in a packet of Doritos. Rejoice! 


I use the ‘1 Hour Tan Mousse’ in the shade dark. Applied 12 hours after exfoliating, shaving and moisturising this formula applies like a dream. It’s easy to see upon application so streaks are banished. It’s not sticky nor is it smelly like other tanning products I’ve tried. See photos below for results:







Always apply with a tanning glove. I usually wash off after 3 hours and apply a nice scented moisturiser before going out. Available at €7.95 in pharmacies nationwide, this is a worthwhile purchase. 

Rouge x


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