Say Goodbye to Scales for Summer.

So the winter is over and it’s time to wriggle out of those wooly tights. Some will find they’ve unleashed two wooly mammoths, sure those hairy legs only saved you from frost bite.. Now it’s time to shave, wax and most importantly de-scale.

Over the winter months we often forget that our legs are in constant need of hydration and in spring, they show up flaky, dull and neglected. Therefore, a thick moisturiser is essential. Here’s one I love:

It’s Soap and Glory’s ‘The Daily Smooth’ body butter and retails at around €11.99 in Boots nationwide. A good tip here is to keep an eye on the website for 3 for 2 offers.

The body butter is thick, luscious and super hydrating. Filled with ingredients like cocoa butter and rosehip seed oil, it’s like a tonic for tired skin. I actually find that just one application results in a visible difference. It’s not really fast absorbing but it’s not sticky or uncomfortable either.

One thing I have to note here is that it’s probably not the most suitable for very sensitive skin because it is very heavily scented. That scent? Yeah, it’s heaven in a tube. If anyone has used Soap and Glory’s ‘Mist You Madly’ body spray – it’s the exact same but more long lasting. Notes of blackcurrant and vanilla give a nice fresh summer scent. I would recommend applying a layer before a night out, even over false tan.

Let me know what you think.

Rouge x


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