Because I’m all About That Base.

Since it’s Good Friday, here’s one that’s a good bargain! Yesterday, I shared my favourite foundation with you all but everyone knows that a glowing base needs a little mattifying powder.

There’s nothing worse than dancing the night away in a club only to look in the mirror and gasp at the sight of the oil slick residing on what was your perfectly made up face.

The solution? Well you could pop to your nearest department store and spend €30 + or, you could pop to Boots and spend €2.49 on this baby.

This is the Natural Collection’s ‘Loose Powder’. Available in Boots, this powder is silky, subtle and will hold your make-up all day long. A nifty little tip is to place a powder one shade lighter than your skin tone across your under-eye area to create a little ‘Kardashian contour’.

Rouge x


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