All I Need in This Life of Sin, is Lips Like a Kardashian.

Lip plumping injections? Yeah, they weren’t designed for those of us who have acquired nothing short of a heart jerking phobia of needles after one too many childhood trips to the dentist. Fun fact here, apparently gingers are 20% more resistant to the power of local anaesthetic but they don’t seem to teach that at dentistry school!

The phobia mentioned has led me on a merry journey to discover non invasive methods to plump my lips to at least half the size of Kylie Jenner’s and finally, I think I’ve found just the trick! Charlotte Tilbury, the red haired genius has created the perfect products to cheat your way to luscious lips.

Here are the two perfect products that I managed to get my hands on. The ‘Lip Lustre’ gloss in ‘Sweet Stiletto’ (€22) and the ‘Lip Cheat’ liner in ‘Pillow Talk’ (€22). See swatches below:

The trick here is to line your lips ever so carefully and slightly outside your natural lipline. Then fill in with the same liner before adding a pop of gloss to the middle of the lips. The gloss creates an optical illusion making the lips appear plump and moisturised. No need for a primer, the lasting power is great!

Here’s before: 

And after:

The results speak for themselves. Also, it should be noted that this gloss is like butter, no need to spend your day scraping your hair from your shiny lips.

Rouge x


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